Termites, also known as wood-destroying organisms, can be difficult to detect due to their hidden nature. These pests build their colonies underground, away from temperature variations, and enter structures through cracks, fissures, and other entry points. When you notice signs of termite damage, it is often too late.

Protecting your home from termite damage is crucial to safeguarding your greatest physical investment. Prevention is key when it comes to keeping termites at bay. At Scott’s Pest Control in Omaha, NE, we offer a range of preventative termite treatments to help protect your property from these destructive pests.

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There are several types of termite treatments available, the two most common are liquid applications and termite baiting stations. Scott’s Pest Control specializes in both!


Liquid applications are a detailed process that involves digging a trench into the soil around the foundation of your home or structure. The product is then introduced into the soil at various depths as the product label requires. Entry points can be created and included in the application process in areas where the soil is not exposed.

Once the application is complete, all removed soil is restored, and any entry holes created are filled in. This process creates a continuous barrier to protect against termite activity. The entire process can take 3-6 hours, depending on the size of your home and the level of termite activity.

At Scott’s Pest Control in Omaha, NE, we are dedicated to providing our customers with top-quality termite treatments that are both effective and efficient. Trust our team of experts to design a tailored treatment plan that meets your specific needs and protects your property from the damaging effects of termite infestations. Contact us today to learn more about our termite treatments and to schedule your appointment.


Bait stations are an effective termite control solution that involves placing them outside your home to intercept termites as they forage for food. These stations do not attract termites, but when they come across them during their natural foraging, they find the product inside highly desirable, leading to activity in the bait station.

The bait station is made of plastic with cellulose materials that termites find highly desirable. Once termite activity is detected within the baiting station, a product is introduced designed to eliminate the termite colony in the area. After the colony has been eliminated, monitoring efforts resume as new colonies can be introduced to the area over time.

At Scott’s Pest Control in Omaha, NE, we offer a range of termite control solutions, including bait stations, to help protect your property from termite damage. Our team of experts will work with you to identify the best treatment plan for your specific needs and provide you with top-quality service that you can rely on. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and protect your home from termites.