The wood destroying organisms also known as termites are often difficult to locate due to their hidden nature. Termites build their colonies underground, below the concern of temperature variations. They enter from the ground and into walls, foundation expansion joints, utility penetrations and any cracks or fissures located in a structure. By the time you notice damage from termite activity it is already too late.

Prevention is the key to protecting the greatest physical investment you own, your home.


Our Termite Treatments

There are several types of termite treatments available, the two most common are liquid applications and termite baiting stations. Scott's Pest Control specializes in both!


Liquid Applications

Liquid applications are very detailed and included digging a trench into the soil around the foundation of your home or structure. The product is then introduced to the area of the soil along the foundation at various depths required per the product label. In the areas where soil is not exposed, holes can be administered at distances prescribed per the product label and then those entry points can be included in the application process. When the application is completed all soil that was removed is restored and any entry holes created are filled in. A continuous barrier will have been applied and this entire process varies based on termite activity and size of the home, but generally takes between 3-6 hours.


Baiting Applications

Bait stations are placed along the outside of the home to intercept the termites before they reach your home as they are foraging for food. Bait stations do not attract termites, however when termites find them during natural foraging methods the product inside is found highly desirable and therefore activity is expected. The baiting station is plastic with cellulose materials on the inside that the termites again find highly desirable. Once there is termite activity present within the baiting station, product is introduced within the station that will be consumed and designed to eliminate the colony of termites in the area. Once eliminated, monitoring efforts resume as new colonies are being introduced to the area over time.


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